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ematic Issue 4 Oktober 2003
DigiCULT Consortium:
Learning Objects from Cultural
and Scientific Heritage Resources
Thematic Issue 4
Oktober 2003
DigiCULT Publications offer a valuable resource of
mission-critical information in the selection and use of
digital technologies for Europe's heritage organisations
Learning Objects from Cultural and
Scientific Heritage Resources:
Heritage institutions need to improve their relevance for the
education sector and lifelong learners in attractive, efficient, and
sustainable ways. Simply displaying collection objects, considered
useful for informal learning in some way or another online, is not
enough.What is called for are learning objects: highly interopera-
ble and reusable modular building blocks for e-learning content
based on widely shared specifications or standards.
Provision of such objects, demands closer collaboration between
the heritage and e-learning sectors, that concentrates on the
enhancement of e-learning interoperability, both in terms of
technical standards and in terms of appropriate forms of learning.
DigiCULT regards such collaboration as crucial to unlocking the
richness and diversity of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage
for e-learning within our knowledge-based society.
ISBN 3-902448-01-06