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A Newsletter on Digital Culture
Issue 5
ISSN 1609-3941
October 2003
n extra day in Berlin after IFLA2003 provided an opportunity
to visit the Museumsinsel, one of the finest museum complex-
es in the world. Currently many of its buildings are undergoing
extensive renovations. As on my right I passed the reopened Alte
Nationalgalerie I noticed one of the buildings currently wrapped
for restoration was covered by a massive poster. In the words
Challenges, strategic issues, new initiatives...
Launching the Digital ARK
JODI Issue on Economic Factors for Digital Libraries
Semantic web Challenge
DELOS Network of Excellence
E-Culture Net Thematic Issues Network (2002-2003)
Digital Access to Aerial and Astronomical Archives
Technology explained...
An Introduction to Application Service Providers
Value Chain for Digital Learning Content
Human Language Technologies Explained
WebKit Intuitive Physical Interfaces for Information
Retrieval and Management
Stewardship Resources on the Web: Raising awareness of the
role stewardship plays in ensuring the preservation of cultural
Open Source and Free Software Solutions: Reliable
standardised, free
Technology applied...
Enhancing Learning with Online Games
Human Language Technologies in Europe:The EUROMAP
Language Technologies Project
Preserving electronic records form database-driven
information systems
The Open Video Project: Building an open source video archive
Introducing Digitisation into Turkish Libraries:
Current attitudes and the way forward
News, events...
Trials Support for European Projects
The Second Conference of the National Digitisation Centre
of Serbia and Montenegro: Digitisation from a Balkan
Cultural Heritage Events
DigiCULT Seeks National Correspondents
News from UK Archives
Survey of Cultural Websites
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum
UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the
Intangible Heritage of the World
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