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hematic Issue 5 J
anuary 2004
DigiCULT Consortium:
Virtual Communities and Collaboration
in the Heritage Sector
Thematic Issue 5
January 2004
DigiCULT Publications offer a valuable resource of
mission-critical information in the selection and use of
digital technologies for Europe's heritage organisations
Virtual Communities and Collaboration
in the Heritage Sector:
This fifth Thematic Issue concentrates on the question of how
heritage institutions might benefit from fostering virtual commu-
nities related to core activities such as exhibitions, educational
programmes or in support of scholarly communities.
There is a growing volume of evidence to suggest that cultural
heritage institutions' adoption of virtual communities will
broaden the reach, value and relevance of cultural heritage.
The vision to link the collections and work of heritage institu-
tions with virtual communities promises to considerably change
the way we access, communicate about, share our understanding
of, and participate in the experience of cultural heritage.
But, for most cultural heritage institutions, the challenge will first
be to embrace the idea of co-operating with a (non-professional)
online community, and then to nurture an evolving and thriving
community that crosses the virtual as well as physical space.
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