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DigiCULT Consortium:
Resource Discovery Technologies
for the Heritage Sector
Thematic Issue 6
June 2004
DigiCULT Publications offer a valuable resource of
mission-critical information in the selection and use of
digital technologies for Europe's heritage organisations
Resource Discovery Technologies for the
Heritage Sector:
This sixth Thematic Issue concentrates on how resource disco-
very technologies can ensure that the high value, authoritative
information of heritage institutions is effectively found, retrie-
ved, and presented to Internet users. With a key focus on the
user, the Issue looks into user-driven approaches in interactive
resource discovery. Expert opinion suggests that offering easy to
use services and tools able to integrate the research and learning
needs and behaviours of their users may form one of the heritage
institutions' answers to the dominance of general-purpose global
search engines.
However, along with ensuring state-of-the-art interactive access
and presentation, the heritage sector will also need to raise the
public's awareness to, and visibility of, its online resources in a
more profound manner. Otherwise it faces the risk that the large
investment required in creating digital collections, rich descriptive
metadata, study and learning material, will fail to realise a high
return in terms of interest and appreciation, discovery and valu-
able uses of heritage resources.
ISBN 3-902448-03-2