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n the short piece of information given on the
consultation platform, `intelligent' was associat-
ed with the technological and semantic interop-
erability of heritage resources, particularly in relation
to the vision of a Semantic Web. This includes new
approaches in making heritage resources self-describ-
ing, retrievable and presentable based on conceptual
models (e.g. semantic frameworks, ontologies, con-
trolled vocabulary) and/or content features (e.g. con-
tent-based analysis, clustering and retrieval).
t is envisaged that semantic-based systems will pro-
vide people with better ways of dealing with an
increasing information overload. This would involve
not only finding what one thinks could be relevant,
but also connections between areas of knowledge
not previously considered. While for general searches
`brute-force' search mechanisms such as Google will
most certainly remain dominant for a long period,
one participant thought that with additional seman-
tic analysis one might expect search engines to pro-
vide a scholars-only response with relevant academic
resources, and responses suitable for a school child
with learning material appropriate to its age group.
However, the world and the human interests are
much more diverse than what separates a school
child from a distinguished arts & humanities scholar.
Regarding the scientific domains, Stefan Gradmann
(University of Hamburg/RRZ, Germany) saw a con-
siderable difference between the `hard sciences' with
their clear thematic restrictions (e.g. `heart diseases')
and fields of hermeneutic scholarship.
He expected
`robust and reliable semantically based operations
on resource level to be available within the next
1: I
Defined most gener-
ally, hermeneutics is the
science of interpretation.
On the important role
hermeneutics should play
in the design of human-
centred ICT applications,
see Terry Winograd
and Fernando Flores:
Understanding Computers and
Cognition: A New Foundation
for Design (Norwood, NJ:
Ablex, 1986).
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