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6 DigiCULT
e wish to acknowledge and express our
appreciation to the many people who have
contributed to the expedition report. In particular, it
could not have been achieved without the highly val-
uable contributions of the 62 experts and profession-
als who invested their precious time to participate in
the DigiCULT online consultation forum. Of these
experts twelve have chosen to remain anonymous,
but we can mention that most of them are working
in either a research centre or a governmental body
or agency.
We have the opportunity to express our grateful
thanks to the following by name:
Karianne Albrigtsen Aam ­ Adviser, Norwegian
Archive, Library & Museum Authority, Norway
George Abbott ­ Director, Library Media Services
Department, Syracuse University Library, USA
Renata Arovelius ­ Head of Archives, University of
Living Natural Resources (SLU), Sweden
Jacques Bogaarts ­ Senior ICT Consultant,
Nationaal Archief, The Netherlands
Pia Borlund ­ Research Professor, Royal School of
Library and Information Science, Denmark
Paolo Buonora ­ State Archivist, Archivi di Stato di
Roma, Italy
Niklaus Bütikofer ­ State Archivist, Swiss Federal
Archives, Switzerland
Fabrizio Cardinali ­ CEO, with Fabrizio Giorgini
and David Fuschi, Giunti Labs, Italy
Clare-Frances Craig ­ Advisory service in Western
Australia, Museum Assistance Program, Australia
Samuel Cruz-Lara ­ Associate Professor,
LORIA - INRIA Lorraine, France
Ines Cunha Freitas ­ Superior Officer, Instituto
Português de museus, Portugal
Dominique Delouis ­ CEO, Cultural Heritage On
Line, France
Martin Doerr ­ Principal Researcher, Information
Systems Laboratory, and Head of the Centre for
Cultural Informatics of the ICS/FORTH, Greece
Roger Drage ­ Project Co-ordinator, Milton
Keynes Museum, UK
Luciana Duranti ­ Professor/Archival Scholar,
University of British Columbia, Canada
Jayne Everard ­ Service Manager, Artifact: RDN
hub for the Arts and Creative Industries, Manchester
Metropolitan University, UK
Muriel Foulonneau ­ Project Coordinator, CIC-
OAI project, University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign, USA
Anne Gilliland-Swetland ­ Professor, Department
of Information Studies, UCLA, USA
Luc van Gool ­ Professor, University of Leuven &
ETH Zurich, Belgium / Switzerland
Stefan Gradmann ­ Deputy Director, RZZ,
University of Hamburg, Germany
Thijs Hannen ­ Advisor, De digitale archivaris,
The Netherlands
Preben Hansen ­ Researcher, Swedish Institute of
Computer Science (SICS), Sweden
Peter Ingwersen ­ Research Professor, Royal
School of Library and Information Science,
Jussi Karlgren ­ Researcher, Swedish Institute of
Computer Science (SICS), Sweden
Jason Kiss ­ HCI Analyst, Canadian Heritage
Information Network (CHIN), Canada
Elisabetta Lazzaro ­ Economist, European Centre
for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics
(ECARES), Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Marcella Lorenzi ­ Researcher, Evolutionary
Systems Group, University of Calabria, Italy
Jari Lybeck ­ Director, Provincial Archives of
Hämeenlinna, Finland
Kirk Martinez ­ Senior Lecturer, University of
Southampton, UK
Gavan McCarthy ­ Director, Australian Science
and Technology Heritage Centre, University of
Melbourne, Australia
Brian McLaughlin ­ Acquisitions Supervisor,
Syracuse University Library, USA
Doug Moncur ­ Project Manager, Australian
Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Studies (AIATSIS), Australia
Michael Moon ­ CEO, GISTICS Inc., USA
Reagan Moore ­ Director, Data Intensive
Computing Environments, San Diego Supercom-
puter Center, USA
Paul Mulholland ­ Researcher, The Open
University, UK
Patrick Ngulube ­ Lecturer, University of
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Sofia Pescarin ­ Fellowship researcher, Istituto
per le Tecnologie Applicate ai Beni Culturali,
CNR, Italy
Alessandro Piva ­ PostDoc Researcher, University
of Florence, Italy
John Poirier ­ Coordinator of Technical Services,
Northwest Territories Archives, Canada
Andrea de Polo ­ Head of Information Technology,
Fratelli Alinari, Italy
Attilio Romita ­ Senior Consultant, Italy
Donald Sanders ­ President, Institute for the
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