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DigiCULT 7
Visualization of History, USA
Kazimierz Schmidt ­ Adviser, State Archives,
Elizabeth Selandia ­ Art Historian, Member of the
Visual Resources Association, USA
Deirdre Sharp ­ FOI Officer, Norfolk County
Council, UK
Alan F. Smeaton ­ Professor of Computing,
Dublin City University, Ireland
Angela Spinazzč ­ ATSPIN consulting, USA
Sabine Stadler ­ Social Scientist & Documentalist,
Suellen Stringer-Hye ­ Web Developer/Librarian,
Vanderbilt University, USA
Gerd-Christian Weniger ­ Director, Neanderthal
Museum, Germany
Hilde van Wijngaarden ­ Digital Preservation
Officer, National Library of the Netherlands, The
Richard Wright ­ Technology Manager, BBC,
Technology, UK
Furthermore, we would like to extend warm thanks
to our DigiCULT consortium partner Seamus Ross
and his team at the Humanities Advanced Technol-
ogy and Information Institute (HATII), University of
Glasgow. HATII's team managed the technical set-up
of the online consultation forum, and ensured its sta-
ble working throughout the consultation phase.
A special thanks to Michael Steemson, The Cal-
deson Consultancy, who summarised expert contri-
butions for the section Technology development and
implementation from the heritage sector's perspective.
We also thank Wernher Behrendt, Head of Salz-
burg Research's Knowledge Information Systems
Group, who contributed valuable comments on sec-
tions of the report that were of particular interest to
Finally, we gratefully acknowledge the generous
support of Albrecht Sauer from the German Mar-
itime Museum, Bremerhaven, who provided us with
access to the wonderful and compelling images that
illustrate the expedition report.
By acknowledging the involvement of the above
individuals and the review process in which they par-
ticipated, we do not imply their endorsement of the
published results of this report. The final responsibil-
ity for the content of this report lies solely with the
Guntram Geser and John Pereira, Salzburg Research
DigiCULT Forum project coordinator,
December 2004
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06.12.2004 8:36:20 Uhr