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DigiCULT 75
ith this expedition report, the Digi-
CULT project outlines to a certain
extent a research and technological
development (RTD) roadmap for a future digital
heritage space.
Routes have been charted for RTD endeavours in
different, partly overlapping thematic areas, the results
of which may fall into place within the next 10-15
years to create such a space.
Given the broad scope of technologies addressed,
the roadmapping expedition could not have hoped
to come up with a more detailed representation of
exactly how and when this may happen.
The report strongly relates to the vision of Ambi-
ent Intelligence (AmI), which informs the Informa-
tion Society Technologies priority of the European
Union's Framework Programmes for RTD.
This priority is itself informed by the European
Union's goals for 2010 to bring IST applications and
services to everyone, every home, every education-
al, social and cultural institution, and to all business-
es thereby enabling a highly dynamic and inclusive
European knowledge-based society and economy.
Therefore, the expedition report also accompa-
nies the core perspective on RTD with a view on the
requirements, likelihood and time horizon of her-
itage organisations of different sizes adopting cer-
tain already available and future ICT that may stem
from the ongoing RTD efforts. This dimension of the
roadmap will be of greater interest to stakeholders in
the heritage sector, but may also be useful for RTD
planners and funding bodies.
For boards and directors of heritage organisations,
IT project managers, and curators of digital collec-
tions, virtual exhibitions and environments, the report
should provide an overview of innovative ICT sys-
tems and applications that may be achieved over the
next ten years or so. It is to be expected that the
application of these technologies will significantly
shape and re-shape the digital landscape in which
heritage institutions reside.
Therefore, we wish to offer the following three rec-
ommendations, which may be useful for ensuring the
creation of a thriving and inclusive future digital her-
itage space, within a larger ambient intelligence land-
scape formed by IST applications and services:
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