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This site's "Bibliography" and "Table of Contents" links exhibit the emblems in direct relation
to the books which comprise them in a very effective way. Each book can be perused through a
link to its own table of contents. Once "in" the book, the user can move backward and forward
to various emblems or return to the Table of Contents. Links in the Bibliography section lead to
full rare book cataloging data for each of the emblem books.The advantage of this parallel sys-
tem of bibliography and table of contents is that users remain aware of the book in its entirety,
with a minimum of navigational effort.The following screen shot provides an example of this:
The following screen shot shows the page which comes up when the user follows the links
"Table of Contents" for Christopher Harvey's emblem book, The School of Heart:
Illustration 5: English Emblem Book Project:
Navigational bar and contents page.
Illustration 6: English Emblem Book Project:
Bibliography and table of contents links.
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