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The user can then click on the desired emblem in the "Table of Contents." The following
example depicts the digitized emblem for "The Infection of the Heart":
The immediate showcasing of an emblem
For the newcomer to emblem sites, especially for those new to the study of emblems, it is frus-
trating, if not an actual hurdle, to have to sift through a myriad of mysterious links in order to
even see what an emblem is. Each of our websites should literally hit the user in the face with an
emblem. If a given website's structure warrants a layer of links through several functions leading
to its emblems, then at the very least a sample emblem should be showcased on the site's home-
page. Glasgow University's Emblem Website's "Welcome Page" certainly gets the user to some
emblems without delay.
Following its "Welcome" section with links to information about Glas-
gow's emblem collections is a link entitled "Glasgow Emblem books currently available" - an
entry point with links obviously leading directly to the emblems themselves:
Illustration 7: English Emblem Book Project:
Listing of the emblems contained in Christo-
pher Harvey's The School of Heart.
Illustration 8: English Emblem Book Project:
Emblem "The Infection of the Heart" from
Christopher Harvey's The School of Heart.
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