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typischer Gattungen im Internet" for several genres of seventeenth-century imprints, including
emblem books.
The joint UIUC/HAB project necessarily builds on existing research and will link the Ger-
man emblem corpora of the two collections in a mirror website.
While the UIUC metadata is
mapped to the Dublin Core and the HAB metadata to TEI, we will share metadata, harvesting it
through the OAI.
The databases of each institution will host the metadata of the other, thus
making both sites searchable through one interface. One compromise which the UIUC has had
to make was to use a proprietary software, CONTENTdm, for its database structure.This soft-
ware allows, however, for export as XML files, thereby offering both the search and presentation
capabilities we need and the flexibility to work with other institutions, such as the HAB.The
images will be stored separately at each institution and be accessible through hyperlinks at the
individual sites.Therefore, the UIUC/HAB German emblem website will fulfill several goals of
an emblem portal, most importantly allowing a single interface to search across the metadata of
both institutions.
P ro j e c t G o a l s
With this initial step we hope to do more than perform traditional tasks with greater efficien-
cy, which is, in itself, a huge step forward. By presenting German emblems in a Web environment
we are restructuring research and learning in this area. By facilitating an academic user's discov-
ery of new resources, we will go a further step in allowing them to capture, manipulate, and inte-
grate their results for the production of new knowledge.
Th e O p e n E m b l e m Po r t a l
As a result of discussions that took place at the working conference on emblem digitization in
Wolfenbüttel and that were continued thereafter, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
launched the OpenEmblem Portal. Owing to the efforts of UIUC librarian Nuala Koetter,
portal, which is powered by Internet Scout, is open to the entire emblem community -
researchers, librarians, and students - on the Web.The public can access many features and, for
example, can browse resources, search, and follow online discussions. Emblem scholars can receive
an account number and contribute to the discussions.The portal software is Open Archives Ini-
tiative (OAI)-compliant, thus enabling the inclusion of OAI-harvested emblem metadata from
digitized emblem collections.The OAI-harvested metadata for emblem books digitized by the
University of Illinois and the Emblem Project Utrecht have already been included in the portal.
We welcome your participation. For further information, contact Nuala Koetter,
See her contribution in the
present DigiCULT Publication.
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