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Peter Boot
Peter Boot was trained as a mathematician and, before switching to digital heritage, worked
for ten years in a commercial IT environment. He now works as an IT consultant at the Con-
stantijn Huygens Instituut for Scholarly Editions and Intellectual History, and is writing a Ph.D.
thesis on digital emblem semiotics.
Hans Brandhorst
Hans Brandhorst was trained as an art historian at Leiden University. He has worked, among
other things, for the universities of Leiden and Utrecht, and for the Royal Library in The
Hague. His research focuses on the history of medieval and early modern visual culture, sys-
tematic iconography, and pictorial information systems. At present he is one of the partners of
Mnemosyne, a small firm that develops computer applications in the field of the Arts &
Nieves R. Brisaboa
Dr. Nieves R. Brisaboa has Ph.D. degrees in Psychology and Computer Science. She is cur-
rently an associate professor in the Computer Science faculty at the University of La Coruña,
Spain, teaching database courses (basics and advanced). She is the head of the Database Lab, and
her main research interests are Deductive Databases, Geographical Information Systems (GIS),
and the design of Digital Libraries.
David Graham
David Graham is Professor of French and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Memorial Uni-
versity of Newfoundland, Canada. He is one of the earliest researchers to work with emblems
and technology and has been a moving force behind emblem digitization since its inception.
Sagrario López Poza
Sagrario López Poza is a professor of Spanish Literature at the University of La Coruña, Spain.
She is a specialist in the culture and literature of the XVIth-XVIIth centuries and has produced
an important number of articles, monographs and editions about Spanish Emblematics, human-
istic learning, the early press, Polianteae and Renaissance Encyclopedias of loci communes, and on the
following authors: Francisco de Quevedo, Diego Saavedra Frajardo, Baltasar Gracián, Sor Juana
Inés de la Cruz, Juan de Horozco, and Luis of Granada. She has organized international confer-
ences about Emblematics, Baroque Festivals, and the Early Press in Spain and Portugal, and has
taken charge of the edition of the proceedings of the 2002 International Conference of the Soci-
ety for Emblem Studies.The activity of the research group can be seen at the website: http://
Thomas Kilton
Thomas Kilton is the Head of the Modern Languages and Linguistics Library and Professor
of Library Administration at the University of llinois Library at Urbana-Champaign. His materi-
als selection responsibilities include Comparative Literature, French, and German. He is past Chair
of the American Association of Universities/Association of Research Libraries - German
Resources Project, and he has chaired the Western European Studies Section of the American
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