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What you see in illustrations 2 - 4 and 5 - 7 are two manuscript illuminations, two emblems,
and two printer's devices.The first three pictures use the story of Quintus Sertorius to illustrate
the themes of Slow Perseverance over Hasty Violence, and Ingenuity more powerful than force.
In the second group the emblem and printer's device tell us about Simulation with the help of
the image of the ostrich that has wings, but is unable to fly.The manuscript illumination is added
simply to show that an ostrich with a horseshoe can be found in medieval border decorations.
Whether here, too, it is to be interpreted as an image of simulation or as a reference to extreme
digestive capabilities - the bird was thought to be able to digest iron - is an open question on
which only further comparative research can shed light.
Illustration 3: Otho Vaenius, Emblemata Horatiana.
Amsterdam: Hendrick Wetstein, 1684, Emblem 31,
"Niet te haestig" (Festina lente).Transforming the
theme of ill. 1 into an emblem.
Illustration 4: Printer's device of Reinerius Velpius,
"Ingenium plus quam vires," slightly shifting the
emphasis:"Ingenuity more powerful than force."
Illustration 5: Book of Hours, f. 60v (Koninklijke Biblio-
theek , KB, 135 E 22): Ostrich with horseshoe (border
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