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The next cranes, too, express the concept of vigilance, but with an additional twist. Illustration
10 is from Giovio's Dialogo dell'Imprese Militari et Amorose.The same image is repeated as the print-
er's device of Jean Cordier (ill. 11).Their motto, "Officium natura docet," focuses on the aspect
of duty which is assigned to them by nature, an interpretation with an emphasis that is slightly
different from the previous one.
Illustration 9:"Pro Grege," from Julius Wilhelm Zinc-
greff, Emblematum ethico-politicorum centuria. Heidelberg:
Theodor de Bry, 1619, Emblem 2, the watchful dog.
Illustration 10: Giovo's Dialogo dell'Imprese Militari et
Amorose. Lyon: Guillaume Rouville, 1574, Emblem,
cranes as vigilance.
Illustration 11: Printer's device of Jean Cordier.
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