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My contribution began by stating that this paper is not intended to prescribe how to tackle
the issue of subject access to pictures, whether they are part of emblems or not. I have also empha-
sized that even if Iconclass is used some fundamental decisions must still be made and Iconclass
provides little help in that area.
If you have already drawn the conclusion that our approach to iconography is extremely nar-
row minded because we seem to be using Iconclass for just about any task that comes along, then
I might just as well tell you we have even experimented with indexing the mottos, epigrams, and
commentaries with it.You will therefore already consider us as lost causes anyway.
If you think we have made one or two useful points, but you prefer to follow your own path,
e.g., to use Iconclass simply to index the equivalent of UIUC's descriptors or perhaps to build
your own keyword system, then at least you now do so with more information about the possi-
ble role of Iconclass than when you started to read this.
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