background image
Along with the political-moral meaning of the distichon, the image confirms an additional
religious meaning of the emblem, which the marginalia "Fürsorge des Fürsten" naturally fails to
It can be even more difficult to assign a meaning to more complexly structured picturae with
a keyword entry. Dilherr includes a personification of death with the biblical story of the resur-
rection of Jairus' daughter (ill. 2).
For the relationship between the
main motif and the background
illustration in Rollenhagen's
emblems, see Dietmar Peil,"Emblem
Types in Gabriel Rollenhagen's
Nucleus Emblematum," Emblematica 6
(1992): 255-282, esp. 266-275; for
the pelican emblem, see 271.
Illustration 2: Johann Michael Dilherr, Augen- und
Hertzens-Lust, Nürnberg: Endter, 1661, p. 218 (BSB:
Res/4 Hom. 2403 g).
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