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The engraving shows Venus in a triumphal chariot; the goddess is accompanied by two doves.
Cupid drives the chariot and whips the soul with a loosened bowstring (ill. 14).
The quotation from John 8:34 is the heading of this plate and at the same time it can be seen
as the motto which is translated by two lines of German beneath the engraving:
Wer sich in sünden lasset ein
Der mueß ein knecht der sünden sein.
[Whoever allows himself to fall into sin Must become a servant of sin.]
This German distich is clearly to be understood as the German motto.
After the engraving, the heading of the chapter and the German distich are repeated, and then
the chapter is closed by some German verses which function as a subscriptio (ill. 15):
O Fleisch du schnöde Madenspeyß /
Wieuil hastu betrogen /
Wer dir vertrawt merck auff mit fleiß /
Dein Warheit ist erlogen /
All Lieb vnd Trew wird man ohn schew
Mit dir ins Grab einscharren /
Weh / wem die Welt / so wol gefällt /
Mueß letzlich mit jhr fahren.
[Oh flesh, you contemptible food of maggots /
How many have you deceived /
Whoever trusts in you should take note /
Your truth is a lie /
All love and truth will be put unhesitatingly
Into the grave / with you. /
Woe to him who loves the world so much / and
Must ultimately share its fate.]
Illustration 14: Lieb über alle Liebe, Munich: P. König,
1629, emblem no. 6 (BSB: Rar. 1426).
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