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These verses are not to be regarded as variants of the motto, but as alternate subscriptiones,
because they do not translate the Latin motto, but interpret the picture.This invites comparison
to König's much earlier edition from 1629. In emblem 37 two quotations follow the heading, the
second of which is taken from 1 Corinthians (ill. 17):
Ainigung der Lieb.
ER hats formirt in Fewr / in Kohl mit den Hämmern.
Wer Gott anhangt / wird ein Geist mit jhm
[I Cor. 6,17: But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit].
Illustration 16: Antipathia amoris divina et humani,
Salzburg: J. B. Mayr, 1694, p. 55 (BSB: Res/ L.eleg.m.
70 m).
Illustration 17: Lieb über alle Liebe, Munich: P. König,
1629, folio E 8 verso (BSB: Rar. 1426)..
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