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It is possible to say that the last three examples demonstrate that many textual elements can-
not be unambiguously identified as the typical textual components - motto and subscriptio - of
the emblem. Biblical quotations can function either as mottos or as auxiliary commentary. Head-
ings indicate the theme, but sometimes they can take on the role of the motto as well. And even
the distinction between motto and subscriptio is not always easy, as the French and Spanish verses
rom the many examples discussed above it is evident that digitizing the European emblem
is neither a simple nor straightforward process. Nevertheless, it is a rewarding endeavor which
provides rich resources for the study of the Early Modern Period.
Illustration 19: Lieb über alle Liebe, Munich: P. König,
1629, folio F 1 recto (BSB: Rar. 1426).
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