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collections) where "the potential for gleaning desired information by visiting that spot (physical-
ly or by remote means) is greater than that of other areas."
A collection-level registry serves to
help organize aggregated information from a number of institutions, and serves to make the
online resources more visible and discoverable to the user. Further development by the Collec-
tion Description Working Group of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) proposes a
schema for collection description based on properties used by the RSLP model.
The Digital Collections and Content Project, sponsored by the U. S. Institute of Museum and
Library Services, seeks to build both a collection-level and an item level registry that will facili-
tate discovery and searching across IMLS-funded grant projects to create digital content since
1998 (over 100 projects).
The IMLSDCC project's Web site also provides useful pointers to
related research in the development of collection-level schema, including links to sites that pro-
vide working examples of searchable collection registries.
In summary, the emblem community has the opportunity to build a rich and searchable suite
of content across our institutions by implementing both collection- and item-level registries,
combined with OAI protocol for metadata harvesting.The decisions of the Wolfenbüttel group
will help shape how these efforts will move forward in the near future.
Since the presentation of the paper at the September, 2003 international seminar on the dig-
ital modeling of the interrelationships between text and images in emblem books, held at the
Herzog August Bibliothek, in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, agreement was reached on three signifi-
cant points that will greatly facilitate the creation of both collection-level and item-level registries
of digital emblem books. First, the eight participating institutions agreed to examine the Open
Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) as a standard for metadata
exchange. Second, the group also agreed that each institution will endeavor to implement cer-
tain required elements of a collaboratively-developed TEI DTD for encoding emblem books.
Third, the group agreed that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign implement an
OpenEmblem portal that incorporates an OAI harvester for the emblem book collections across
the eight institutions.Thus the groundwork for creating a collection-level and an item-level reg-
istry for emblem books has been set, and we are awaiting each institution's subsequent work on
mapping metadata to an agreed-upon Dublin Core scheme.
See note 7, Heaney (2000) 3.
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Description: Collection Description
properties from RSLP CD Schema,"
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IMLS Digital Collections
and Content project Web site,
The IMLS "Resources" page
contains links to several working
collection registries, including the
National Science Foundation's
National Science Digital Library
(NSDL), Cornucopia, a registry of
United Kingdom museum collec-
tions, and the Online Archive of
California, resources.htm#CLD.
See Stephen Rawles's paper in the
present volume.
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