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we get two hits in one book and get the images with the German subscriptio as well as the Latin
Various levels of subject indexing are possible: in a multilingual presentation the mottos can be
captured in all available languages or restricted to one language, for instance, German or Latin.The
subscriptio can be included or left out.Accompanying text as well as translations of the mottos and
subscriptions can be incorporated, and themes and topoi can also be included.All these things can
be incorporated into the TEI DTD without having to carry out any additional expansion.
The concept which we have been working toward is based on the assumption that every
document can be considered a full text-based TEI document. Proceeding from this ideal form,
reduced forms can be set up in turn.Thus, it is a process of omission, which also allows larger
Illustration 5: Example of
the search mask for the
project "Frühneuzeitliche
Gattungen" (Early Modern
Genres) and the subcate-
gory "Emblembuch"
(Emblem Book), using the
search term for the motto
("Sine numine frustra")
and showing the user how
to identify the three parts
of an emblem -- motto,
pictura, and subscriptio.
Illustration 6: Screen shot
showing the results of the
search from illustration 5.
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