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OA I h a r ve s t i n g o f m e t a d a t a
The final option with CONTENTdm for exporting metadata is to use the OAI harvesting
option. In this case, the database is exported in separate files for each record in the database. Sim-
ilar to the simple exporting to XML as shown above, not only does the software export fields to
the same Dublin Core field names, but in cases where data from different database fields map to
the same DC field, the metadata within that field is also concatenated so that everything appears
together. It should be noted that the XML records which are generated when using the OAI har-
vester are not interoperable with those that are generated when doing a straightforward XML
export of metadata.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<record xmlns:xsi="">
<dc xsi:schemaLocation="">
<creator>Müller, Johann Heinrich Traugott, 1631-1675</creator>
<title>pp. 39</title>
<title>Himmlischer Liebes-Kuß</title>
<description>Der Teuffel stellet Netz um mich in Noth zu bringen. / Er will mich wie ein
Low mit Haut und Haar verschlingen. / HERR sende mir zum Schutz die lieben Engelein, / So
soll mein Dancklied dir ein stetes Opffer sein.</description>
<description>Der Teufel stellt Netze um mich in Not zu bringen. / Er will mich wie ein Löw'
mit Haut und Haar verschlingen. /HERR sende mir zum Schutz die lieben Engelein, / So soll
mein Danklied dir ein stetes Opfer sein.</description>
<subject>angel; cherub; harp; man; woman; lion; net; bridge; cityscape</subject>
<description>Satan as a devouring beast</description>
<description>God as protector</description>
<description>Images were captured using a Nikon D-1 digital camera and Nikon Capture
2.0.0 imaging software. Master images were captured in TIFF format, 24-bit color, using a 28-70
mm Nikkor lens. Image size on average was 2000x1312 pixels (roughly equivalent to 300 DPI).
Master image size averaged 6.0 MB. Images were optimized using Photoshop 6.0. For this proj-
ect image modification was kept to a minimum. Images were rotated, cropped, and light levels
were adjusted to reflect the look of the original piece.Access images were created as JPEGS with
minimum compression and sized to 1024x768 pixels.</description>
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