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I n t e ro p e ra b i l i t y o f m e t a d a t a
As is apparent from the different instances of exported metadata, most of the field names in the
original emblem database are being concatenated into a single Dublin Core field when the meta-
data is exported.This creates a problem when trying to share the metadata with other institu-
tions, most especially the HAB, which uses TEI for its own emblem records.
We need to
consider re-structuring our metadata to map to the TEI DTD that the HAB is using. Although
we have not yet completed work on transforming the exported metadata, we anticipate it will be
relatively easy to use XSLT to transform the metadata so that it can be more easily shared with
those emblem digitization projects that are not using an identical metadata schema. Harper, et. al
describe their work with exporting CONTENTdm metadata in XML format and transforming
it using XSLT.
We are likely to follow their example and manipulate our metadata to conform
to the needs of the other emblem metadata schemas being developed. Using this method of meta-
data manipulation will also allow us to consider the manipulation of our other CONTENTdm
databases where we wish to harvest the metadata.
Lastly, we also need to consider the concurrent implementation of the "Spine of Information"
being developed by Stephen Rawles, University of Glasgow, and described elsewhere in this vol-
ume.We need to consider mapping the "Digital Emblematica" metadata to the newer fields that
Rawles is putting forth for the cataloging of emblem books and emblems. It is clear that we will
need to manipulate the metadata that is exported via CONTENTdm further so that it is usable
and may be shared by others who might not be using Dublin Core fields. Further discussions with
the HAB researchers and others involved in the development of the "Spine" will likely lead us to
redevelop our metadata schema for "Digital Emblematica," and in turn, we will need to update
our transformation of the exported metadata to facilitate other online emblem projects.
Text Encoding Initiative,
C. Harper, N. Georgitis, C. Hix-
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Digital Library Partnership in Ore-
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