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Please note that this online consultation forum is no longer operative.
For further information see Forum 7 and Thematic Issue 7

DigiCULT Online Consultation Forum: Towards a Cultural Heritage RTD Roadmap

Dear Expert
The DigiCULT project is currently preparing a roadmap on the challenges and possible achievements in research and technological development (RTD) over the next 10 to 15 years that are likely to lead to advanced applications for the cultural heritage sector.

The roadmap is a navigation tool that will provide essential understanding and direction in the strategic planning of research agenda, guiding investment in and funding of innovative RTD.

We invite you to participate in this roadmapping exercise, helping DigiCULT to define and qualify the challenges and approaches ahead. The roadmap will be published in Thematic Issue 7 that will be available in December 2004. Starting from the current IST programme's vision of "anywhere, anytime, natural and enjoyable access to IST services for all" the roadmap concentrates on the following five themes:

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