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Theme 2: Natural & Enjoyable Interaction [EXPERIENCES]

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This theme concentrates on natural, enjoyable ways of interacting with digital heritage environments, and on making use of rich heritage resources.

Targeting a variety of user and consumer situations, such as education and lifelong learning, entertainment and tourism, this will include:

N.B. RTD in concepts and tools for creating animated 3D, augmented and virtual reality are addressed in "create / re-create" [3D/AR/VR].


Q1: What do you envision could be achieved in this RTD area over the next 10-15 years?


Q2: What are currently the main RTD limitations or gaps which prevent us achieving this vision?


Q3: Considering these issues, what are the major steps or breakthroughs in RTD needed to achieve the vision? - How should these be addressed?


Q4: For each of the major steps or breakthroughs, please indicate the time period when it is likely to be achieved (e.g. B1 in 20XX, B3 beyond 20XX).


Please add any other information you consider valuable for creating the DigiCULT RTD Roadmap