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Cultural Heritage Events Archive


DigiCULT lists 12 events that took place in April 2003

April 29th 2003 - April 30th 2003
Journées Internationales du RIAM (Réseau de Recherche et d'Innovation en audiovisuel et multimédia)
Marseille, France
Marseille is to host a national information day on France's multimedia and audiovisual research and innovation network (RIAM). The event will bring together more than 300 participants from the digit... [More]

April 25th 2003 - April 26th 2003
Criticism and Social Action: Rhetorical Dimensions of Electronic Texts
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, USA
The purpose of this conference is to bring together senior scholars in the humanities who have published critical studies of new media texts together with doctoral students and junior faculty who ar... [More]

April 24th 2003 - April 27th 2003
eCulture: The European Perspective. Cultural Policy - Knowledge Industries - Information Lag
Zagreb, Croatia
Cultural changes and perspectives regarding the new developments in the ICT sector and the emerging information lag, the impact of new technologies on cultural policy-related issues, especially the in... [More]

April 17th 2003
Archives online - moving archives into the digital area
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag, The Netherlands
International Symposium organised by the National Archief van Nederland and ERPANET. Archives are catching up with the digital era. On the one hand government administrations rapidly adopt IT in thei... [More]

April 14th 2003 - April 15th 2003
LIBER Workshop: Microfilming and Digitisation for Preservation
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag, The Netherlands
This workshop aims to clarify the position o microfilming and digitisation by presenting an overview of the possibilities and requirements for combining the two approaches in preservation projects. [More]

April 9th 2003 - April 11th 2003
ERPANET Workshop on the Long-term Preservation of Databases
Swiss Federal Archives, Bern, Switzerland
Databases have been, and continue to be, a key technology for the storage, organisation, and interrogation of information. Their preservation is of great concern as they are often either irreplaceable... [More]

April 8th 2003 - April 10th 2003
CAL 03: 21st Century Learning
Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Conference Committee John Gardner, Queen's University Belfast, Conference Chair Peter Goodyear, University of Lancaster Terry Hinton, University of Surrey Bryn Holmes, Trinity College, Dublin Chr... [More]

April 8th 2003 - April 10th 2003
CAL 03: 21st Century Learning
Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
CAL '03 aims to provide a forum for sharing experiences, knowledge and research among those working at the forefront of learning and teaching with technology. A comprehensive oral and poster programme... [More]

April 8th 2003 - April 12th 2003
International Congress: "Enter the Past - The E-Way into four Dimensions of Cultural Heritage"
City Hall, Vienna, Austria
New technologies, especially the use of computers, are proving a useful and modern tool in helping to preserve and research our valuable culture heritage. Therefore, [Enter the Past] will make it pos... [More]

April 8th 2003 - April 12th 2003
Enter the Past
City of Vienna
Vienna City Hall, Austria
Our cultural heritage is intersected by many interests, including those of the arts, sciences, resource planning and development and monument preservation, and is exposed not only to the danger and ev... [More]

April 7th 2003 - April 9th 2003
Culture: From Information to Knowledge
This international conference aims to bring together professionals and policy makers from libraries, museums, archives and other cultural institutions to debate the digital era of culture and its impa... [More]

April 5th 2003 - April 10th 2003
CHI 2003 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The annual CHI conference is the leading international forum for the exchange of ideas and information about human-computer interaction (HCI). [More]