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DigiCULT lists 19 events that took place in April 2004

April 30th 2004
Metadata for Accessibility Workshop
CEN Rue de Stassart 36, B-1050 Brussels
You are invited to participate in a special one day open workshop session of the next meeting of the CEN/ISSS MMI-DC Workshop. This open workshop will be held in the CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre, Rue ... [More]

April 26th 2004 - April 28th 2004
NCSC2004 - the Second Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication
Lund, Sweden
Following up the success of the First Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication, Lund University Libraries are proud to announce the Second Nordic Conference. The theme of the 2004 conference i... [More]

April 23rd 2004 - April 30th 2004
International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication: Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004
Bibao, Spain
We are pleased to inform you the International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication: Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004 has opened its registration period for the Call for entries. Under the theme ... [More]

April 22nd 2004 - April 26th 2004
WESS International Conference on Migration
Paris, France
The Western European Studies Section (WESS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) invites paper and panel proposals that apply to the theme of the conference: Migrations in Socie... [More]

April 22nd 2004
"web enabled: museums, online access and ability"
24 Hour Museum
University of Leicester, UK
The Museum Computer Gruop's UK MUSEUMS AND THE WEB CONFERENCE 2004 Building on the success of the inaugural conference in 2001, this one one-day event brings together leading practitioners, polic... [More]

April 21st 2004 - April 28th 2004
7th IAMH Colloquium
International Association of Museums ot History
Museu Paulista (São Paulo) and Museu Imperial (Petropolis), Brazil
The International Association of Museums ot History, an Affiliated Organisation to the ICOM organises every two years an international congress concerning a topical subject for History Museums aroun... [More]

April 20th 2004 - April 23rd 2004
Imaging Science and Technology Archiving Conference
The Society for Imaging Science and Technology
The Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, USA
This conference brings together technical experts to discuss the complex and widely varying topics on archiving. Techniques for preserving, cataloging, indexing and retrieving images and documents in ... [More]

April 20th 2004 - April 22nd 2004
International CIDOC CRM Workshop: "Practice of Knowledge Sharing"
CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group, ICS-FORTH
ICS-FORTH, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
The International CIDOC CRM Workshop is designed to bring together researchers and practitioners in information provision and exchange, with the goal to present and discuss knowledge sharing among mus... [More]

April 20th 2004 - April 22nd 2004
The Leicester Spring School in New Media
Museums Computer Group
Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester
The Leicester Spring School in New Media is a three-day course that, through a spirit of collaboration (between public and private agencies, practitioners and training providers), aims to promote inno... [More]

April 14th 2004 - April 17th 2004
The Sixth Asia Pacific Web Conference (APWeb'04)
Hangzhou, China
APWeb'04 is the sixth in a series of international conferences on WWW Technologies. It aims at brining together people from both academic and industry to exchange knowledge on WWW-related technologi... [More]

April 14th 2004 - April 16th 2004
ERPANET Workshop
Antwerpen, Belgium
ERPANET is pleased to announce its workshop on the role of audit and certification in digital preservation. This three-day workshop, co-hosted by the Stadsarchief Antwerpen, will be held in Antwerpen ... [More]

April 13th 2004 - April 14th 2004
Third International Workshop on Wireless Information Systems (WIS 2004)
Porto, Portugal
Wireless computing is an emerging field that promises new approaches for developing information systems that offer benefits related to flexibility of distribution, costs, and mobility. This emerging f... [More]

April 13th 2004 - April 16th 2004
Long-Term Stewardship of Globally-Distributed Storage
Conference Center College Park, Maryland, USA
Development of commodity-priced storage solutions, coupled with high-performance, inexpensive networking technology, has led to the deployment of very large, globally-distributed mass storage syste... [More]

April 13th 2004 - April 17th 2004
CAA 2004 - Beyond the Artifact: Digital Interpretation of the Past
PIN, Prato, Italy
Our cultural heritage is intersected by many interests, including those of the arts, sciences, resource planning and development and monument preservation, and is exposed not only to the danger and ev... [More]

April 12th 2004
Preservation Education Symposium
Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College, Boston USA
The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College will host a one-day preservation education symposium on its campus on Monday, April 12, 2004. The event is free and open to th... [More]

April 12th 2004
JISC Conference 2005
Birmingham, UK
As part of JISC Conference 2005, a free one day event held at the International Convention Centre, Dr David Giaretta demonstrated a number of tools being developed and/or packaged by the Digital Curat... [More]

April 6th 2004 - April 8th 2004
PixelRaiders 2
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
Applied, visual, performance artists and designers are using digital technologies for new processes, virtual materials, exhibition, performance and creative strategies. A culture of cross-discipli... [More]

April 6th 2004
Planning, Fund Raising and Tendering for Digitisation Projects
King's College London, UK
Audience: aimed mainly at managers in museums, libraries, local history units and county archives. Context: Digitisation (the conversion to digital formats) has become an integral part of the i... [More]

April 1st 2004 - April 2nd 2004
Free course: Using GIS to analyse historical data
University of Portsmouth, UK
The Department of Geography of the University of Portsmouth, in association with AHDS History, is running a two-day course on the use of Geographical Information Systems to analyse historical data. T... [More]