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DigiCULT lists 23 events that took place in April 2005

April 27th 2005 - April 29th 2005
‘Shattering Stereotypes’Public Libraries International Network Conference
Seattle, (Washington, US)
This conference "will explore Seattle’s cutting edge architecture, state-of-the-art materials sorting and handling system, high-tech reference model and more. In addition, learn about best practi... [More]

April 26th 2005 - April 29th 2005
Society of Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) Archiving Conference 2005
Hilton Washington Hotel, Washington DC, USA
This conference brings together technical experts to discuss the complex and widely varying topics on archiving. Techniques for creating, preserving, cataloging, indexing and retrieving images and doc... [More]

April 25th 2005 - April 28th 2005
The 2nd Image Archiving Conf.
Radisson Hotel, Alexandria, Virginia
This conference brings together technical experts to discuss the complex and widely varying topics on archiving. Techniques for creating, preserving, cataloging, indexing and retrieving images and doc... [More]

April 25th 2005 - April 28th 2005
Book History Workshop
Institut d'Histoire du Livre, Lyon, France
* Introduction to the study of incunabula tutor: Kristian Jensen "Topics include: the invention of printing; the most important catalogues, their aims, strengths and weaknesses; the interp... [More]

April 21st 2005 - April 24th 2005
CAA conference 2005
Polytechnic Institute of Tomar
Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Tomar, Portugal
CAA is an international organisation bringing together archaeologists, mathematics and computer scientists. Its aims are to encourage communication between these disciplines, to provide a survey of pr... [More]

April 18th 2005 - April 19th 2005
1st Forum on the Promotion of European and Japanese Culture and Traditions in Cyber-Societies and Virtual Reality
Laval, France
as part of 2005 EU-Japan Year of People-to-People exchanges in conjunction with the 7th Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC) - Laval Virtual 2005 ( The forum... [More]

April 16th 2005
Grids and Data Preservation
Athens, Greece
Boon Low presented <em>Grids and Data Preservation</em>, an outline of the Digital Curation Centre and of developments at San Diego Supercomputing Centre: DSPACE and its use of grid comput... [More]

April 14th 2005 - April 15th 2005
DELOS Joint Workshop on Electronic Publishing
Lund University Libraries, Sweden
> Lund University Libraries organises an upcoming Delos event on aspects of > electronic publishing. > > In order to make the event especially useful for Delos related work, we > ... [More]

April 14th 2005 - April 15th 2005
Joint Workshop on Electronic Publishing
organised by <a href="">DELOS</a>, <a href="">SVEP</a> and <a href=""&g... [More]

April 14th 2005
Digital Preservation of e-Learning Objects
Jane Stevenson and Adrian Stevenson from the JORUM project, University of Manchester, visited the DCC and presented <em>Digital Preservation of e-Learning Objects</em>. A meeting with DCC ... [More]

April 13th 2005 - April 16th 2005
Museums and the Web 2005
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Topics of special interest include: Social Issues and Impact * Community Development * Uses of Museum Web Content * Museum Web Applications * Changes in Cultural Institutions * Artistic Uses o... [More]

April 11th 2005 - April 15th 2005
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France
The MILIA/MIPTV 2005 Conference Programme is the leading international cross-platform content event. Bringing together the worlds of broadcasting, mobile and internet, MILIA gives you the tools that c... [More]

April 10th 2005 - April 13th 2005
3rd Conference Professional Knowledge Management Experiences and Visions
Hotel Dorint, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Professional Knowledge Management is imperative for the success of enterprises. One decisive factor for the success of KM projects is the coordination of elements such as corporate culture, enterprise... [More]

April 10th 2005 - April 13th 2005
Workshop on Information Just-in-Time (WIJIT2005): Seeking a New Knowledge Management Paradigm
Kaiserslautern, Germany
Objective You are cordially invited to submit a paper to First Workshop on Information JIT (Just-in-Time): Seeking a New Knowledge Management Paradigm. It is a full one-day workshop with presentation... [More]

April 8th 2005 - April 9th 2005
2nd International Workshop on XML Schema and Data Management (XSDM'05)
(In conjunction with ICDE 2005, Tokyo, Japan)'05-ICDE.htm
XML documents are self-describing, and provide a platform independent means to describe data and therefore, can transport data from one platform to another. XML documents can be mapped to one more ... [More]

April 8th 2005 - April 9th 2005
International Workshop on Challenges in
In conjunction with (ICDE 2005)
Tokyo, Japan
Web information utilization has become a critical emerging research area due to the exponential increase in the information circulation and dissemination over the Web. Many challenging problems must b... [More]

April 8th 2005
Beyond the red tape: are the needs of governments, institutions and learners at odds with e-learning?
University of Oxford
Said Business School, Oxford, UK
Digital technologies have the potential to radically change the way we learn and form knowledge. We need to understand how the procedures and policies that have been built up within educational inst... [More]

April 7th 2005 - April 10th 2005
Ferrara (Italy)
RESTAURO 2005 Salone dell'arte del Restauro e della Conservazione dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali In collaborazione con: Istituto per i Beni Artistici, Culturali e Naturali della Regione... [More]

April 7th 2005
Shock of the Old: Implementing Innovation
University of Oxford
Said Business School, Oxford, UK
What are the key factors that impact on the implementation and adoption of innovation in e-learning? Proposals in the following areas are particularly encouraged: *Empowering students to creat... [More]

April 6th 2005
VC Task Force Emerging Techonology Forum
Gray, Cary [DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary]
2000 University Avenue East, Palo Alto, California
This spirited evening event will feature a panel discussion with leading market participants answering questions such as; what are the technological advancements allowing the fusing of biotech and nan... [More]

April 4th 2005 - April 6th 2005
LILAC 2005Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference
London (UK) [More]

April 4th 2005 - April 5th 2005
CNI Spring 2005 Task Force Meeting
Washington DC, USA
Chris Rusbridge - Director - and Dr Liz Lyon - Associate Director (Outreach) - gave a joint presentation entitled <em>UK Digital Curation Centre One Year On </em> at the CNI Spring 2005 Ta... [More]

April 1st 2005
Minerva Conference
Tallin (Estonia)