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Forum 4: Learning Objects from Cultural and Scientific Heritage Resources

The Hague's long, sinuous tramcars looped quietly by outside the Koninklijke Bibliotheek while the DigiCULT experts discussed the question of how European heritage institutions might benefit from the production and provision of e-learning opportunities based on the concept of Learning Objects. The experts provided many insights, 'tricky questions', lessons learnt, and recommendations... which are summarised in DigiCULT Thematic Issue 4.


Michel Arnaud

University of Paris X Nanterre, France

Miguel R. Artacho

UNED University, Spain

Jim Ayre

Multimedia Ventures, UK

Paolo Buonora

Archivio di Stato di Roma, Italy

Lorna Campbell

Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards (CETIS), UK

Fabrizio Cardinali

CEO, Giunti Interactive Labs, Italy

Mike Collett


John Gordon

eLearning and eKnowledge, UK

Ian Huckvale

Simulacra, UK

Henri Hudrisier

University of Paris 8, France

Jon Birger Østby

Director General, Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority, Norway

Seamus Ross

HATII & ERPANET, University of Glasgow

Bruce Royan

DigiCULT Steering Committee Member, Concurrent Computing, UK (Moderator)

Patrick Towell

CEO, Simulacra, UK

We also want to thank:
-- Adam Cooper and Chris Jackson from FD Learning, UK, who contributed a critical assessment of current interpretations of Learning Objects to Thematic Issue 4, and
-- Fabrizio Giorgini, Giunti Interactive Labs, Italy, who together with Fabrizio Cardinali contributed an article which includes an illustrative case study on the SCULPTEUR project.