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Forum 5: Virtual Communities and Collaboration in the Heritage Sector

Held at Napier University, Scotland, on October 20th 2003, the forum concentrated on the question of how the heritage sector can benefit from more strongly using technologies which support virtual communities, such as asynchronous and synchronous communications, peer-to-peer networks, and virtual worlds (e.g. MUDs). In addition, the potential of these technologies to enhance collaboration in and between heritage projects was addressed, drawing on experiences from a couple of interesting projects.


Tom Cross

Frauenhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, Germany

Hazel Hall

Napier University, School of Computing, UK

Susan Hazan

The Israel Museum, New Media Unit, Jerusalem, Israel

Cary Karp

President and CEO, Museum Domain Management Association, Sweden

Margariet Moelands

Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National Library of the Netherlands, Expert Services and Collections, NL

Efthimios Mavrikas

CILab, Dept. of Cultural Technology & Communication, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Greece

Paul Mulholland

Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK

Kristóf Nyíri

Institute for Philosophical Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary (Moderator)

Sofia Pescarin

National Research Council ITABC, Istituto per Le Tecnologie Applicate ai Beni Culturali, Roma, Italy

Seamus Ross

HATII & ERPANET, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Bruce Royan

DigiCULT Steering Committee Member, Concurrent Computing, UK

Nils Tomes

British Council, Director of E-Networks & Communities, UK

Isabelle Vinson

Editor in Chief Museum International - Sector for culture, UNESCO