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DAMS Technology Reviews
Digital Asset Management:
The Product Landscape
`Digital Asset Management has been around for a
decade or more, but it is only in the last couple of
years that mainstream IT analysts and reporters have
paid much attention to it.'
CMS Watch, August 2002
Refreshing Media Management: Coca-Cola
Turns Archives Into Assets
`With a newly implemented DAM system, Coca-
Cola's Archive Department is bringing the firm's
rich collection of graphics, video, audio, and text to
company desktops worldwide.'
Econtent magazine, May 2002
Defining the DAM Thing: How Digital
Asset Management Works
`I have a saying I use in consulting: "Where the-
re's pain, there's gain". And nothing suggests pain
like having users try to discuss storing and sharing
digital information.'
Emedia Live, August 2001
Papers and articles covering basic issues
of digital asset management
EC2 Incubator Project, Annenberg Center for
Communication, University of Southern
California's Schools of Communications,
Engineering and Cinema-Television.
The BBC Archives
So, what are the prospects and perspectives for
institutions and vendors?, Moderator Moon asked the
Twelve.The Man from the BBC spoke first. Richard
Wright, from the Corporation's multimedia archives,
told the Forum that the institution had been wor-
king on the technology since 1995. It created, stored
and distributed cultural artefacts with digital techno-
`So, DAMS is a kind of must-have and the rest is
strategy, implementation plans and budgets', said Mr
Wright. `We still have to operationally integrate our
legacy metadata with the key frames, the proxies and
the browser to the desktop.That will be the big
jump for us.'
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Visibility is the major driver for the V&A, said
James Stevenson.The museum hoped to get two
million visitors through its door this year, up from
1.5 million last year. And there was a vast constituen-
cy of people who never entered the grand, cultural
palace in London's Royal Borough of Kensington
and Chelsea. Although his department had 50,000
digital images, only about 2,000 objects were on the
institution's Website.
`I have spent three years writing papers trying to
educate the senior management that DAM is some-
thing that we need as an institution', he said. `It only
comes home to them when you say I can't do this or
that. I expect we will have a DAMS in the next
eighteen months.'
The Natural History Museum
Graham Higley's priority was quickly to get large
amounts of collection data with which, hopefully, to
raise income. He greatly wanted to improve the
museum's Website, which was already very popular
and won awards, but was not properly structured.
He said: `It needs a new content management
system that will link into both the collections mana-
gement system and a digital asset management
system. So there is quite a big picture to paint there.'
He added: `There are quite a lot of other things that
we aspire to which need those platforms in place,
things like collaborative research and a virtual expe-
rience of the museum.'
zetcom AG
Vendor Norbert Kanter was curious to see how
the first museum in Germany would combine a
DAMS with the information systems it already had
in place. `Unsolved problems are still the awareness
of these products within the cultural field and the
knowledge of how they can assist institutions', he
The Wildscreen Trust
Funding was a big issue for the Wildscreen Trust in
its programme for digital TV recordings of all the
world's endangered species, said digital archivist John
Leedham.The project needed a DAMS, but it relied
on annual funding and `we cannot guarantee we will
have any more money after 2003'.