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Artesia Technologies
Guy Hellier, the London marketing chief for
Artesia systems, was encouraged that DAMS appea-
red to be applicable to the cultural heritage arena.
Once institutions found a way to apply them, DAMS
would help organisations to reach their consumer
base and give them greater exposure to the collec-
tions, and to the knowledge held by curators. He
said: `I am convinced that curators are the valuable
people resource.You need to be finding ways to get
them involved in reaching digital and physical visitor
bases. DAMS will play a key part in creating products
to help you do that.'
So, the DAMS workshop in the vast Messe Essen,
the city's fine new convention centre, was over.The
twelve experts went away, perhaps to the echoed
words of Germany's great son, composer-conductor-
meistersinger Richard Wagner, after a performance
of his Ring Cycle opera Die Götterdämmerung
(Twilight of the Gods) in the late 1800s.
The ageing maestro, now filled with honour, told
his audience: `Now you have seen what we can do.
Now want it! And if you do, we will achieve an art.'
Michael Steemson,
The Caldeson Consultancy,
DigiCULT 23