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Octavo's services are available to client partners as
part of an on-site laboratory or service relationship,
or separately as an independent service.Their access
services include an e-commerce infrastructure and
Web-based database system that enables a range of
options for the private or public display of images.
Images need not be created using Octavo's Digital
Imaging Laboratory but may also be produced using
existing legacy systems. Pricing is based on storage
needs (per gigabyte) as well as on usage.
Throughout, Octavo's guiding principle for selec-
ting to work with partner libraries, however, is the
quality and importance of the books in their special
collections.These are Octavo's main focus and the
area in which they have gained the most experience.
Such volumes are also those that typically require the
ultra-high treatment offered by Octavo's specialized
Scale Eight
Scale Eight provides file storage solutions based on
Distributed Storage Software (DSS) technology. DSS
technology is delivered via the Scale Eight Global
Storage Service and is incorporated in a family of
Network-Attached Storage (NAS) products.
Scale Eight is headquartered in San Francisco, with
facilities in the United States, Japan, and the United
Kingdom. Since its formation, the company has been
hile expanding its list of products and
service relationships, producing an ever
increasing number of high-resolution
digital masters and derivatives, Octavo realised that
they could no longer manage the heavy storage and
digital asset management tasks.The digital masters,
scanned at 10,500 by 12,600 pixels, are huge, consu-
ming about 370 MB for two pages. Customers, in
addition, also demand derivatives such as low-resolu-
tion thumbnails to post on Websites, close-up sec-
tions of images, and PDF files of products. Keeping
track of all these growing derivatives became proble-
matic. Simply storing images on CD-ROMs was not
enough; it was clear that getting them on hard drives
and providing access in-house as well as for partners
would be a crucial next step.
Octavo first thought of building their own storage
area network, looking at what independent analysts
in the field valued as a minimum investment of
$500,000 for equipment and software licences, and
the need for at least three new full-time employees
to manage the system.
This forced Octavo to look
outside for a strategic partner, which they found in
Scale Eight, an innovative company in the area of
high-performance networked storage services.
The global storage infrastructure solution offered
by Scale Eight provided flexible and reliable mana-
gement tools for approximately 80 per cent less
than building and running a `home-grown' system.
In May 2001, Octavo and Scale Eight signed an
agreement in which Scale Eight will store and provi-
Jade Boyd: Outsourced
Storage Helps Save Past.
October 8, 2001,
Scale Eight: Octavo
Chooses Scale Eight to
Store and Protect Its
Library of Priceless
Documents. Press
Release, San Francisco,
May 21, 2001,
de worldwide access to Octavo's growing library of
digitised rare books and manuscripts (digital masters
and derivatives); and Octavo will resell the Scale
Eight service as the storage component of its Digital
Imaging Laboratory, which is sold to heritage institu-
tions in the United States and around the world.