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Management' as the keynote speaker in the
Conference on Statistical and Scientific Databases
(July 2000), and on `Databases and the Web' as the
keynote speaker in the Workshop on Parallel and
Distributed Processing (January 2000) and the
Conference on Web Age Information Management
(July 2001). He has been a principal investigator in
approximately 20 research projects funded by various
government agencies (USA, Europe, Greece) or pri-
vate industry. Dr Ioannidis is currently Associate
Editor of five journals (Information Systems,VLDB
Journal, Journal of Digital Libraries, Journal of
Intelligent Information Systems, and the electronic
ACM Digital Symposium Collection), and has been
a member of the programme committees of over 40
conferences, including three times as (co-)chair
(VLDB, SSDBM and VDB). He has served on the
review board for the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories
in Berkeley and on the Science Council of the
NASA CESDIS Center for Excellence in Space Data
and Information Sciences.
Norbert Kanter
Norbert Kanter holds an MA in Art History and
Philosophy from the University of Bonn. In 1990, he
started to work as a freelance at a museum software
and database developer`s. From 1991-1995 he was
head of the IT department of the Federal Art and
Exhibition Hall of Germany. Since 1996 he has been
Project Manager for New Media at the same institu-
tion and works as consultant and Internet producer
for different museums. Since July 2000 he has been
head of zetcom AG in Berlin, a Swiss museum
system developer with a broad installation basis for its
Museum Management System `MuseumPlus'. He
was responsible for the awarded Website of the
German Federal Art and Exhibition Hall as well as
Websites for institutions like the Art Museum of the
city of Bonn. Mr Kanter has participated in the pro-
duction of cultural CD-ROMs and worked on
several multimedia projects, such as co-founder of
`die lockere gesellschaft TRANSFUSIONEN'
( Since 1992 he has been a
member of ICOM/CIDOC, has participated in dif-
ferent working groups and published on New Media
use in Museums. He is also an active member of the
MCN (Museum Computer Network) and DMB
(German Museum Association).
John Leedham
John Leedham is currently the IT Systems
Engineer for the ARKive Project. Previously he was
Computing Officer for the Oxford Text Archive,
creating the Website and storage infrastructure for the
distribution of the 2000+ XML and other electronic
texts collected over the last 25 years.The ARKive
project collects moving images, stills, structured text
and audio to create representative species profiles,
initially for 1500 species, but in the longer term to
encompass all the 39,000 endangered species world-
wide. ARKive assets are digitised and stored at high
resolution, along with verbose structured metadata
based on a variety of evolving standards. Personal
interests currently include defining the ARKive
approach to knowledge capture, which is part of the
next phase of ARKive, and continuing to address the
technical areas causing concern in the project.These
include the deployment of the large-scale storage
used by ARKive, and the construction of the Mana-
ged Media Vault. Other interests include restoring
Michael Moon
Mr Moon co-founded Gistics Incorporated in
1987, and currently serves as its CEO and president.
An internationally recognised research and consulting
firm, Gistics first identified digital asset management
in 1994 and has maintained an ongoing survey of its
key trends and developments. Present clients include
Adobe, Accenture, Apple, IBM, HP, KPMG and
Kodak. Prior to Gistics, Mr Moon worked at several
prominent Silicon Valley market research and adverti-
sing firms including Electronic Trends Publications,
Regis McKenna, and Lutat, Battey and Associates,
and advised Altos Computer, Apple Computer,
Hewlett-Packard, Intel, MicroFocus, Seagate Tech-
nology, Shugart Associates, SofTech Microsystems,
and other technology companies. Mr Moon holds a
degree in Religious Studies from the University of
California, Santa Cruz.