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DigiCULT 41
Stephan Schneider
After receiving his Diploma in Electrical
Engineering (1992) and a Master's Degree in
Philosophy (1993) from the University of Stuttgart,
Stephan Schneider joined the University of Cottbus
in 1995. From 1995 to 2000 he set up and led a
Multimedia Laboratory and was responsible for
several international and EC-funded projects dealing
with multimedia applications. He received his PhD
degree in 2001 with a dissertation on the fractal
coding of speech signals. He joined tecmath AG as
a project manager in the Research Department in
2000, where he is responsible for the IST projects
(IST1999-20408). Both projects deal with the archi-
ving and retrieval of large collections of audiovisual
James Stevenson
James Stevenson is the Photographic Manager at
the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He has
responsibility for managing all image creation within
the museum and the exploitation of those images via
the V&A Picture Library. He is currently involved in
installing an asset management system for all the
museum`s digital objects and a colour management
system for controlling image creation and their sub-
sequent re-use. He has participated in the ARTISTE,
ARCO and SCULPTEUR EU-funded IST projects
and the `Moving Here' and `People Play' UK-funded
NOF projects. James Stevenson was previously Chief
Photographer at the National Maritime Museum at
Greenwich, London. He is also Chairman of the
Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography:
Friso Visser
Friso Visser is senior consultant with PwC
Consulting in The Hague. As a museologist with spe-
cial interest and rich experience in (R&D of) ICT,
his activities relate to policies and strategic develop-
ment in the area of Cultural Heritage. His specific
interest is with global and strategic developments of
ICT and the role of public (sector) information, cul-
ture and cultural institutions. Friso is one of the team
members of the DigiCULT Forum project. He is
project leader for the ICT benchmarking of mus-
eums on behalf of the Dutch government. During
the past three years he has been seconded to the
European Commission in Luxembourg, involved in
policies and strategy development for the Cultural
Heritage Applications part of Key Action 3 of the
IST programme (under the Fifth Framework pro-
gramme for RTD). Before that he worked at
Museon in The Hague as head of the collections
department and project leader for several European
ICT museum projects.
Richard Wright
Richard Wright was educated at the University of
Michigan, USA, and Southampton University, UK.
He has the following University degrees: BSc in
Engineering Science, 1967; MA in Computer
Science, 1972; and PhD in Digital Signal Processing
(Speech Synthesis), 1988. He has worked in acous-
tics, speech and signal processing for US and UK
Government research laboratories (1968-76),
University College London (1976-80, Research
Fellow), and the Royal National Institute for the
Deaf (1980-90, Senior Scientist). He was Chief
Designer at Cirrus Research from 1990-94 (speciali-
sing in acoustical and audiometric instrumentation).
Dr Wright has been Technology Manager, BBC
Archives, since 1994.
Mirko Zimmer
Mirko Zimmer is employed as Consultant and
Software Engineer for the Content Management
Competence Center (CMCC) of Bertelsmann
mediaSystems, focussing on Content Management
and Digital Archiving Systems. Prior to Bertelsmann
mediaSystems, Mirko Zimmer completed his studies
at the Freie Universitšt Berlin, where he received a
Master of Arts degree in Historical and Political
Sciences. During his studies Mirko worked for the
DFG project `Dissertationen online' at the Humboldt
Universitšt Berlin.