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the perspective of museums and cultural
heritage applications.The best projects
worldwide are demonstrated, discussed
and critiqued.
June 25-28
ElPub2003: ICCC/IFIP International
Conference on Electronic Publishing
University of Minho, Guimaraes, Portugal
ELPUB2003 is the 7th in a series of
annual international conferences on
Electronic Publishing.The objective of
ELPUB2003 is to bring together resear-
chers, managers, developers, and users
working on the issues related to electronic
publishing for public, scientific and com-
mercial applications.
August 06-09
Objects and Ethics: Computers in
Historical and Social Science
XVth Conference of the Association
for History and Computing
Norwegian Historical Data Centre,
University of Tromsų,Tromsų, Norway
On behalf of the Norwegian Historical
Data Centre we are glad to announce that
the University of Tromsų has been chosen
as the location for the year 2003 con-
ference of the International Association
for History and Computing.The AHC
with its national and regional branches is
the world's leading forum on the use of
information technology in historical
research and education, and the related
methodology is a equal relevance in other
social sciences such as demography
sociology and economics.
September 08-12
ichim 2003
L'Ecole de Louvre, Paris
The International Conference on
Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums
(ICHIM) explores a full range of inter-
active multimedia issues, including techno-
logical, legal, economic, organisational and
design concerns, that are discussed from
DRH 2003: Digital Resources for
the Humanities
University of Gloucestershire,
School of Humanities
August 31- September 3 2003
The DRH conferences have established
themselves firmly in the UK and inter-
national calendar as the major forum
bringing together scholars, librarians,
archivists, curators, information scientists
and computing professionals in a uni-
que and positive way, to share ideas and
information about the creation, exploi-
tation, management and preservation of
digital resources in the arts and huma-
Proposals for academic papers, themed
panel sessions, posters and workshops
are invited.
Themes include:
- impact of access to digital resources
on teaching and learning;
- digital libraries, archives and museums
- time-based media and multimedia
studies in performing arts
- impact of network and televisual
technologies on humanities research
and education.
The deadline for submission is 31
March 2003.
Please visit the website at
for full details of the conference and
how to submit proposals. Email
enquiries are also welcome at
CIDOC 2003 Conference in
St. Petersburg:
`World Cultural Heritage: Uniting
by Understanding'
September 1-5 2003
St.-Petersburg, Russia
Topic of the Conference: `The
Electronic Potential of a Museum:
Incentives and Limitations,
Achievements and Problems'.
The Secretariat of the CIDOC
Conference and ADIT announces the
First Call for Papers for CIDOC 2003.
This year's conference theme will be
multifaceted, highlighting the most
pressing aspects of virtual heritage infor-
The objective of the conference is to
review the results of the application of
information technologies in museums:
(a) analysis of the main achievements in
the field of storage, restoration, conser-
vation and educational work, (b) discus-
sion of the pressing technical, technolo-
gical, psychological and social problems
and restrictions, and (c) outline of pro-
spective areas of development and the
further penetration of information tech-
nologies into the traditional museum