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Project updates and invitations to
share your exper iences will be posted
to the Handscape home page in the
coming months.
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about it, we would be pleased to include
the event in this new calendar. Send
requests to join the list serve, or post
application launch dates on the calendar,
to the author at the address below.
he Handscape project team
aims to provide museums with
a tool that emphasizes a better under-
standing of the range of viewpoints
and needs that should be addressed
when developing a hand held, mobile
application for museum use. Towards
that end, and throughout 2003, the
project team will be engaging
museum professionals through surveys
and conversations, about their expe-
r iences developing, deploying, and
evaluating these types of applications
in var ious museum environments. The
range of perspectives amongst the
stakeholders charged with producing
mobile computing applications is
broad, and represents an important
component of the ultimate success of
the exper ience for all concerned.
process of integrating wireless techno-
logies into the social fabric of museum
environments. The tool is being de-
signed to assist museums with making
informed decisions about how and
when to use mobile technologies. An
alpha version of the tool will be re-
leased during the third quarter of 2003
with testing taking place at conferences
and through an on-line experience.
In order to keep up-to-date with
what is happening with hand held
computing in the community,
Handscape will continue to operate a
list serve as a means to communicate
progress and to solicit community
feedback, it will maintain a commu-
nity calendar of hand held application
launches and provide per iodic up-
dates to the White Site, and team
members will be making site visits to
see applications in action.
f your institution is planning to
deploy a mobile computing appli-
cation and you would like others to know
The author would like to thank Claire Larkin, Senior Designer, Exhibitions Department, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the project team
at SAAM, for the use of these images.