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Appendix II - Standards
The field of human interface technologies is relatively well standardised, and key inter-
national standards and technical requirements related to various aspects of human-com-
puter interfaces are listed below:
Visual displays
ISO 13406: Ergonomic requirements for work with visual displays
based on flat panels
ISO 18789: Ergonomic requirements and measurement techniques
for electronic visual displays
ISO 9241: Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals.
IEC TR 61997: Guidelines for the user interfaces in multimedia
equipment for general-purpose use
ISO 14915: Software ergonomics for multimedia user interfaces
Human-centred design
ISO 13407: Human-centred design processes for interactive systems
ISO TR 16982: Usability methods supporting human centred design
ISO TR 18529: Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Human-centred lifecycle
process descriptions
Other standards
ISO/IEC 10741-1: Dialogue interaction - Cursor control for text editing
ISO/IEC 11581: Icon symbols and functions
ISO/IEC 14754: Pen-based interfaces - Common Gestures for text editing with
pen-based systems
ISO/IEC 18021: Information Technology - User interface for mobile tools
ISO DTS 16071: Guidance on accessibility for human-computer interfaces
Human Interfaces