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Scenario I Discussing a game idea
A local museum is planning to present part of its collection in the form of a game
instead of a standard printed, online or CD catalogue.The management would like to
cover the investments for the game development with the sources from its sale. It runs an
internal competition amongst museum staff to come up with ideas for the content of the
game.The management aims to improve the sales of souvenirs from the museum shop
and increase visitor figures. Another fundamental aim is to give children more approach-
able access to knowledge about the collection.The management team consider a number
of issues as they decide what steps to take:
- What is the development risk? The management has figures for sales of catalogues
that were produced basically for the adult visitors but which do not take children
into account. It is unclear how many parents would buy the game.
- What game genre to choose? It has been agreed that the game will be for one
player, delivered offline, but the genre best suited to presenting the material while
retaining user interest and excitement has yet to be decided.
- What partner company, experienced in game development, would cover the quality
and content criteria?
- What will be the time framework for the production?
- The collection is already digitised, but who will determine whether any of the
objects will need to be re-digitised for the purpose?
- Since the accent is on education, the management has decided to incorporate virtual
reconstructions of items.Who will provide these and how?
- One of the ideas is to allow players to incorporate their own picture selections of
museum items and gallery drawings not bound by copyright. How could this idea be
incorporated into the game?
- Who will develop a set of quizzes and puzzles?
- Will the graphics and user interfaces be state of the art when the game is released?
In-depth discussion of these matters should clarify the strategy and help the manage-
ment to prepare, release and evaluate the finished game.
Scenario II Making a VR game from the ruins of an old castle
A team from a local university aims to build a 3D reconstruction of an old castle in
their area.This work will thus provide a tool for historians to visualise alternative archi-
tectural features requiring a high degree of flexibility within the computer model,
Games Technology
The Boyana Church: real and virtual representations
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