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A joint committee, involving staff from the heritage organisation and the partner
developers, is one possible organisational structure which could be put into place to
work in monitoring and overseeing the game development process. It is essential to
maintain control on the schedule and the required outcomes and deliverables.This will
require good preliminary planning with clearly defined milestones, success criteria and a
thorough identification of possible risks.
Potential difficulties
For the cultural heritage sector, more so than any other faction of the gaming world,
specific needs will be to bring together and verify all of the specific data which might
relate to history in general, history of everyday life, or written culture that will feature in
the game. If items from collections are to be incorporated, it may be necessary to organ-
ise their accurate and efficient digitisation and description.The proper presentation of
artefacts and historical material together with relevant background information may be
time-consuming and labour-intensive. Another issue which may cause problems is that of
copyright and IPR management.These should be investigated thoroughly prior to
beginning the project.
Games Technology