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Appendix I Technology suppliers & developers
Suppliers of large, bespoke, total CRM solutions include Siebel, PeopleSoft, Amdocs
and Oracle. Siebel is currently the market leader in CRM software by a substantial mar-
gin. Founded in 1993, the primary focus of the company has been to provide full-scale
solutions to large businesses. It has recently begun to incorporate small and medium-
sized businesses into its remit, and provides a number of eBusiness products for sales,
marketing, and partner and employee relationship management.
is another major player in the CRM market. Its latest CRM suite is
Version 8, an Internet-based solution using XML and a standard Internet browser.
s Pure Internet Architecture operates without additional client-side software. It
has begun to focus on the small to medium enterprises (SME) market, and now offers a
variety of additional modules aimed at tailoring its software to a specific sector, such as
finance, government, or education.
, the leading database platform since the 1970s, offers a complete e-business
suite that interacts with its widely-known DBMS. Oracle is making steady progress in
the CRM market, and is one to watch given the huge amount of database experience on
which it can draw when building CRM solutions.
Among other providers that target small-to-medium sized enterprises are OnContact,
, FrontRange and ACT!. OnContact's CRM package is called Client Management
Software (CMS), and is aimed squarely at the middle-market. CMS can be run in both
Windows and Web environment, simultaneously, allowing customer-facing staff increased
OfficeTalk package combines the four primary business areas (Customer and
Contact Management,Time Management, Deliverables Management and
Communications Management), is based on a robust Sybase SQL Anywhere DBMS, and
claims to be ideal for the SME with two or more staff.While CRM solutions tend to be
geared towards the larger end of the business scale, it has been said that even a company
with only one customer and one competitor needs to employ some kind of CRM stra-
tegy if it is to maintain/improve on its position.This strategy need not employ dedicated
technology, but the issue must be addressed.
ACT! 6.0 is another system ready to run out-of-the-box. It offers a package that links
information together to provide individual contact records. It claims that new users will
be productive immediately, and makes use of 70 pre-defined fields to manage contact
information. Its features include built-in templates for letters, emails, memos and faxes as
well as the option to create custom fields for more specific information.The system can
share information with Outlook and can be synchronised with any Palm Powered device.
A comparable product to ACT!, FrontRange Solutions offers the GoldMine CRM
system, which now features a variety of individual modules designed for such tasks as
contact management, sales and marketing, and customer service and support. Self-service
is made possible by allowing customers to access their details via the Web, providing the
additional benefit of reducing the time needed for staff to answer simple queries.
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