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Executive Summary
There has never been a more pressing need for organisations to control and manage
their digital assets in an efficient manner. As resources are increasingly `born-digital', and
moreover stored in digital form alone, the management and monitoring of these valuable
assets throughout their entire lifetime has become essential. Digital assets typically cycle
from creation to multiple and varied uses and changes, and later into archives from
which they may be quickly and accurately recalled and re-purposed.
Many types of file may be considered as digital assets, from images, sound files and
rich media/multimedia files to Web pages, progressive drafts of text files, and product
brochures. A carefully considered plan must be implemented by an organisation if it is to
succeed in maximising the usefulness and value of these resources. Even assets of little
monetary value for example, digitised company logos stored at different resolutions for
different purposes, say for use on Web pages, in print, or on letterheads can be treated as
assets, as they facilitate a stronger pan-organisational image When organised correctly, the
positioning of these assets will minimise the precious employee time necessary to locate,
select, use, update and store them.
Digital Asset Management (DAM) products provide the tools to `ingest, index, catego-
rize, secure, search, transform, assemble, and export' content in as many forms as an
organisation requires.
This report details the fundamental technologies at play within a
standard DAM system and highlights how these technologies may be put to work
together in order to create a sound, reusable and re-purposeable set of resources.
Featured heritage case studies in this section include the British Library and the
Victoria and Albert Museum. Additional scenarios serve to outline some of the current
and future potential that Digital Asset Management software may hold for a wide variety
of organisations with an interest or focus in cultural and other forms of heritage.
Digital Asset
Management Systems
IKEA, Sweden