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For Stevenson, the parallels between the needs of the commercial and the cultural sec-
tors do not seem very close. Much commercial concern seems to be based on catalogu-
ing and indexing, an area in which the cultural sector naturally has much expertise.The
closest commercial organisations would be picture libraries, and these are likely to be in
direct competition with the V&A.
A DAM system is considered to be crucial for the expansion plans of the museum's
picture library.The picture library staff recognises that in order to be competitive the
library will need to deliver images to clients as quickly as possible. A DAM system is seen
as the most efficient way to do this and to ease
preparation of new material for the picture
library Website, another critical issue for effec-
tive marketing of images. It is forecast that the
DAMS will be used extensively by the public
relations and marketing departments, allowing
them to expand the visibility of the museum,
and enabling them to target their campaigns
more accurately.
It is anticipated that the V&A's eventual
DAMS selection will consist of an off-the-shelf
system, configured to meet the museum's par-
ticular needs.The current favourite is MediaBin from Imation which seems to have a
method for the re-use of material allowing a large variety of formats to be re-processed
from the master by scripts controlled by an administrator. Other systems under consider-
ation are those supplied by Picdar and Artesia.
After implementation, which is expected in the next fiscal year, the proposed order of
rollout will be as follows:
1. system administrators and asset producers;
2. primary users of assets, picture library,Web team, design studio, print unit;
3. key external picture library clients;
4. second stage users, PR, marketing, development office;
5. key external PR, marketing, development clients;
6. third stage users at the main museum site, curators, and other staff;
7. remote site users.
It is expected that the only external expertise required by the museum will be in
specialist training for the commercial product. All other training and expertise will be
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