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Tabular overview
I n t ro d u c i n g t h e Te c h n o l o g y
The process of introduction
Generally, DAMS are considered as capable of managing the entire process from
acquisition (ingest) of a digital entity through its retrieval, delivery, and use to its long
term archiving. Commercial off-the-shelf DAMS such as Artesia's Teams, eMotion,
, IBM's Content Manager and Oracle's Content Management System support
these functions although not all with the same degree of sophistication. For example,
some DAMS are able to handle time-based media such as audio and moving image
material, better than others. Off-the-shelf packages, although often expensive, are for
many organisations lower risk than writing new software. Some packages benefit from
having a broad user community and hence a freely available support network.
Some DAM applications are beyond the financial resources of all but the largest of the
heritage institutions, but some of the functionalities which make up a DAM system can
be emulated using inexpensive generic applications such as the Office group of programs.
These approaches tend to be higher risk, and require an additional degree of ingenuity
on the part of the system developers.
Digital Asset
Management System
DAMS support centralisation of discovery
and access.
Expense. The costs involved in
implementing a dedicated system should
not be underestimated.
Provide increased coherency and
professional consistency across multiple
Streamlining. Bringing exiting systems
and system components together can be
an arduous task that may benefi t from the
introduction of outside expertise.
Verify integrity and authenticity of digital
Staff culture. Employees and users may be
accustomed to holding their own versions
of fi les. This attitude may be diffi cult to
Facilitate automated rights management,
and support good information
management practice.
Effi ciency. DAMS minimise duplication
of effort and resources, and can lead to
repurposing opportunities.
May potentially aid asset monitoring and
report production.