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Budget considerations
Budget is likely to be among the top concerns for decision makers looking to intro-
duce a new Digital Asset Management strategy in their organisation. Particular attention
will need to be paid to issues of computer hardware, storage (including backup and catas-
trophe plans), and internal and external communications networks. As previously out-
lined, DAM packages may be licensed either on a payment-per-seat basis for client
licenses (where the organisation pays a set amount for each software licence needed), and
with server-centric solutions which allow global and password-protected public access
via the Web. Licenses on a per-seat basis can be more expensive than those permitting,
for example, a maximum number of simultaneous online connections.
Against the initial outlay required for the system and installation, the potential savings
or even gains that may be achieved with the system can be set.The archiving of dupli-
cate objects may be avoided through a considered asset management strategy. Such time
savings will have a less tangible, but no less important, effect on the overall ROI. As the
costs involved in DAM technology fall, larger organisations with substantial collections
will actually stand to profit from a sensible DAM solution, with the rights-management
facilities leading to increased and sustainable profitability and usefulness.
A p p e n d i c e s
Appendix I Brief product outlines
( supplies the TEAMS digital asset management system,
which can handle both media asset management and enterprise management of video
and non-media digital assets, including text, databases and desktop publishing files.The
latest version of TEAMS offers improved support for video production workflow and
expanded support for video formats, as well as `one click' localisation for international
( markets the Media360 product, the latest ver-
sion of which extends the software's existing support for video, audio, image and text
asset management, as well as adding new desktop publishing and Web publishing mod-
ules.Their integrated solution consists of best-of-class components for each phase of data
integration and spanning the full data lifecycle, as well as integration products for auto-
matic data profiling.
( offers Cumulus 5.5, an archiving system that manages and pub-
lishes images, layouts, presentations, video, audio and text.The program focuses on assets
which are stored on permanent media, such as compact disc or digital video, or which are
held on a server, thus facilitating a long-term method of holding, maintaining and retriev-
ing digital assets, changing only the derivatives and never the original assets.The subse-
Digital Asset
Management Systems
Some product info has been adapted from Adrian Pennington: `Digital Asset Management: Ready Asset Go'
( and from Penny Lunt: `Put Digital Assets On
Call' (