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quently produced files are then catalogued in relation to the parent asset, thus preserving
every derivative and protecting the original from accidental deletion or damage.
( focuses on search and retrieval of video, image and text
files. Convera's Screening Room indexes video files, using closed-captioning to assign
attributes, in addition to full-text and visual searching. Screening Room is able to manage
video content to generate a variety of lists, including rough-cut previews, voice recogni-
tion-based annotation and improved support for output to editing systems.
( is the leading provider of content manage-
ment solutions, and provides a wide range of custom-built and packaged technologies for
different organisation types and sizes. Documentum provides enterprise content manage-
ment software solutions that allow 1,500 of the largest businesses in the world to intelli-
gently create and manage all types of content -- documents,Web pages, XML files, and
rich media -- using one common content platform and repository. Documentum has
recently acquired the Canadian DAMS vendor, Bulldog.
( is a freely downloadable, open-source DAM product which
has been developed by MIT libraries in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard.The pro-
duct provides stable long-term storage needed to house digital products and offers access
to all the assets of an organisation through a single interface.The repository accommo-
dates the varying policy and workflow issues inherent in a multi-disciplinary environ-
ment. Submission workflow and access policies can be customised to meet the needs of
the user group in question.
( offers the MediaPartner digital asset management sys-
tem, which it claims is the only DAM product capable of viewing and annotating media
files on handheld devices.The software also includes a natural language search engine.
Portfolio 6.0 is geared towards the management of `live' assets on workstation
hard drives. Its cataloguing software makes a database of assets which it dynamically
updates as files are added, moved or deleted from the catalogued folders. Searches can be
performed in several ways, including keywords, text string, and by file type or creator.
The software also includes a Web cataloguing feature capable of building a Website of
assets using customisable HTML templates.
(now part of IBM, is an
e-business company boasting over 100,000 customers including Disney, CNN and Time
Warner. IBM also offers the DB2 data management software, featuring an industrial-
strength enterprise database which can be interfaced with a variety of third party hard-
ware and software.This is an example of a component application that can be imple-
mented as part of a bespoke DAMS solution.
( offers a core Asset Manager application, which is link-
able with companion software modules and applications such as MediaBin Workplace,
Cluster Manager, and Project Manager.These products allow a flexible approach to digital
asset management, and together they provide powerful tools for managing assets organi-
sation-wide, potentially across multiple servers.
North Plains
( offers the TeleScope digital asset management
system, which offers close integration with a variety of media authoring systems and file
formats, including sounds, movies, Quark and PDF. According to the manufacturers, this
facilitates `a seamless workflow with media authoring tools that users are already familiar
with.' TeleScope's enterprise metadata platform supports all emerging metadata schemes,
including Prism, SCORM, Dublin Core, ebXML, and others. An additional module pro-
vides a Web interface for accessing and modifying the content.
Digital Asset
Management Systems