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Annotation & Authoring
`How to annotate and have fun',,
and other papers. See also
http://annotation. Institute
for Applied Informatics and Formal Description
Methods, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.
The Annotea Project, a `Live Early Adoption and
Demonstration (LEAD)' project of the World Wide
Web Consortium (W3C) collaboration environment
with shared annotations,
The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model was an
important reference point in the Forum discussion
(see also the information box on the CIDOC CRM
in the Summary). CIDOC, the Comité International
pour la Documentation, is part of the International
Council for Museums (ICOM). Its Web site can be
found at:
A report on CIDOC´s work on the CRM is
provided in `The CIDOC Conceptual Reference
Model: A Standard for Communicating Cultural
Contents' by Nick Crofts, Martin Doerr and Tony
Gill, in: Cultivate Interactive, Issue 9, February 2003,
See also their tutorials at
DAML - DARPA Agent Markup Language
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
(DARPA) is the central research and development
organisation for the US Department of Defense.
Its DAML programme is developing a language
and tools to facilitate Semantic Web concepts:
`Why Use DAML?' Adam Pease, white paper,
Teknowledge, 10 April, 2002,
DAML+OIL is a product of the DARPA Joint
United States/European Union ad hoc Agent
Markup Language Committee.The committee
created a language with the best features of SHOE,
DAML, OIL and several other markup approaches.
It is a Web ontology language (latest release, March
2001), expected to provide a basis for future Web
standards for ontologies. See:
DigiCULT 21
Genesis ­ The Creation: Stars and Fishes
: A-X
Compiled by Guntram Geser and Michael Steemson
n the Summary we have provided informa-
tion boxes on projects but not on the many
Semantic Web standards, technologies, etc.
mentioned in the Forum discussion.The projects
included are only a small fraction of many ongoing
activities and are related mainly to the cultural and
scientific heritage community. Links to many
important Semantic Web development projects
can be found at their community portal:
The following guide points to resources and
readings on terms mentioned in the Forum
Summary. It is not intended to provide a
comprehensive list of Semantic Web materials.
Rather it represents different entry points and
levels to this topic.