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Web Services
Although the concept of Web Services is not a new
one, the definition of Web Services standards allows
the wider use of these services. Currently three main
protocols are used in the context of Web Services:
UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and
Integration), a registry system to find resources and
Web Services;WSDL (Web Service Description
Language), an interface description language; and
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), the
communication protocol for Web Services. All
three protocols are based on XML.
For a description of the many ways in which
XML can enhance Web Services, see:
World Wide Web
Looking back as well as into the future: `Weaving the
Web:The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of
the World Wide Web by Its Inventor'.Tim Berners-
Lee, with Mark Fischetti. Harper, San Francisco, 1999.
XML eXtended Mark-up Language
See Cultural Heritage Semantic Web Example &
Primer, pp. 27-30.
For the work done at W3C within the XML
activity, see: XML Working Groups,; the XML Specifications
can be found at
`The bane of my existence is doing things that I
know the computer could do for me.' Dan
Connolly,The XML Revolution, October 1998.