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Museum, General Director of the Foundation of the
Hellenic World, Special Secretary of the Greek
Ministry of Education in charge of libraries, archives
and instructional technologies, and Special Advisor to
the Greek Foreign Minister on cultural and
information technology issues.
Bert Degenhart-Drenth, ADLIB Information
Systems BV, The Netherlands
Bert Degenhart-Drenth is the founder and general
manager of ADLIB Information Systems BV
(, a leading company
in the field of library, museum and archive auto-
mation. Although his background is in electronic
engineering, he became involved in a museum
automation project as early as 1983. Degenhart-
Drenth worked for the MARDOC foundation in
Rotterdam for three years, setting up one of the
first integrated museum automation systems in The
Netherlands. After that he joined Databasix, producer
of the ADLIB software. In 1991, Degenhart-Drenth
led a management buy-out to form Databasix
Information Systems, which was renamed later as
ADLIB Information Systems.
ADLIB Information Systems is now the market
leader in museum automation in the Benelux region
and has more than 1000 customers in the libraries,
museums and archives field. ADLIB is a CIMI
member and has, as such, been involved in the CIMI
Z39.50 and Dublin Core test beds. Degenhart-
Drenth has been a core member in the development
of the Spectrum-XML schema and collaborates in
the EMII-DCF project. Relevant ADLIB projects
include: CIMI Dublin Core test bed - ADLIB hosts
the CIMI Dublin Core test bed and has developed
a database application for this.The Open Archives
Initiative Protocol version 1.0 is now available for
this database, in addition to the `standard' HTML/
XML access. SPECTRUM-XML - A project of the
UK mda, together with a team of software vendors,
to produce a schema for exchange of data which
contains information elements from the UK
Spectrum standard.This will be implemented in
the ADLIB Museum software. Internet Gelderse
Musea ( and Maritiem Digitaal
( Web-based
projects that make the data from multiple museums
(including their library data) available on the Web,
based on a three-tier implementation with XML as
the data exchange mechanism. E-mail:
Nicola Guarino, Italian National Research
Council, Italy
Nicola Guarino is a senior researcher at the Institute
for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the Italian
National Research Council, where he leads the
Laboratory for Applied Ontology. He graduated in
Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova
in 1978. He has been active in the ontology field
since 1991, and has played a leading role in the
AI community in promoting the study of the
ontological foundations of knowledge engineering
and conceptual modelling under an interdisciplinary
approach. His current research activities involve
formal ontology, ontology design, knowledge sharing
and integration, and ontology-based metadata
standardisation. He is general chairman of the
International Conference on Formal Ontology in
Information Systems (FOIS), and associated editor
of the International Journal of Human-Computer
Studies. He has published more than 60 papers in
scientific journals, books and conference proceedings,
and has been guest editor of three special issues of
scientific journals related to formal ontology and
information systems. He is involved in various
projects related to ontologies and the Semantic
Web, including WonderWeb and OntoWeb.
Janneke van Kersen, Digital Heritage
Association, The Netherlands
Janneke van Kersen graduated in Art History and
took part in a postgraduate programme in Historical
Information Processing. After her graduation in 1992
she worked in the field of Humanities and
Computing. She held several posts at Utrecht
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