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University, as a teacher in the Department of
Humanities and Computing and more recently she
was responsible for the realisation of computer-aided
applications for the Department of Art History.
Furthermore she worked at the Netherlands Historic
Data Archive and taught in the postgraduate
programme on Historical Information Processing
at Leiden University.
Since October 1999 Kersen has been working as
a consultant with the Dutch Digital Heritage
Association.The consulting focuses on digitisation,
standardisation, metadata, and education & ICT.The
main goal of the organisation is to provide access to
distributed databases of cultural heritage organi-
sations such as museums, archives, archaeological
organisations, monuments and special collections
of libraries in a context-rich and XML-based
environment. Interoperability from both a technical
and an organisational perspective is therefore a major
issue.The Association offers access to heritage
information to the general public at and customised
access for the educational field at
Marco Meli, EDW International, Italy
Marco Meli is CEO and co-founder of EDW
International (,
Milan, Italy, a company providing leading corporate
publishing and content management applications
based on XML and related standards. Meli has long
experience in content/document management and in
multimedia creation and production. He is a member
of the Organisation Group of XML Italia VP of
SGML UG Italia. He has given a number of presen-
tations at SGML and XML related conferences in
Italy, Europe and the US. Meli is also editor of a
column on new facets of publishing in Graphicus
magazine. He has been involved in cultural projects
since 1996, and acts as a reviewer of Information
Society Technologies (IST) projects for the European
Paul Miller, UKOLN, UK
Dr Miller holds the post of Interoperability Focus at
UKOLN (UK Office for Library and Information
Interoperability Focus is jointly funded by the Joint
Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK's
Further and Higher Education Funding Councils and
Resource: the Council for Museums Archives and
Libraries.The post is responsible for exploring,
publicising and mobilising the benefits and practice
of effective interoperability across diverse information
sectors, including libraries and the cultural heritage
and archival communities. Dr Miller sits on a number
of relevant committees, including the Executive
Committee of the CIMI Consortium, the Advisory
Board of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
(DCMI), and the Metadata Working Group of
the UK Government's Office of the e­Envoy.
Frank Nack, CWI, UK
Dr Frank Nack is a senior researcher at CWI,
currently working within the Multimedia and
Human-Computer Interaction group. He obtained
his PhD on `The Application of Video Semantics and
Theme Representation for Automated Film Editing'
at Lancaster University, UK.The main thrust of his
research is on video representation, digital video
production, multimedia systems that enhance human
communication and creativity, interactive storytelling
and media-networked oriented agent technology. He
is an active member of the MPEG-7 standardisation
group where he served as editor of the Context and
Objectives Document and the Requirements Docu-
ment, and chaired the MPEG-7 DDL development
group. He is on the editorial board of IEEE
Multimedia, where he edits the Media Impact
Franco Niccolucci, Florence University, Italy
Franco Niccolucci has a background in mathematics
and computer science and is at present a professor at
the University of Florence, where he lectures in the